The Best Books for Better Golf

best golf booksWhether you’re looking for a book to help improve your game, or to give to a golf-mad friend, there are some great golf books out there, from comprehensive tutorials to simple breakdowns of the rules of golf.

This list also includes funny ones that will bring a smile to anyone’s face, ones that will improve your mental game, and more.

Five Great Golf Books


Be A Player, by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott

Pia Nilsson is the Captain of the European Solheim Cup team, and an innovative coach, specialising in helping female golfers improve their game through their own thought processes and decisions, rather than specific instructions.

Be A Player is a well-written book that highlights the human side of golf, and a must read for those at all levels of the sport. While this book would certainly be welcomed by the lady golfer in your life, men involved in the sport will find its challenging use of directed questioning helpful in improving their own mental approach to the game, too.

Who Is It For? Anyone who plays golf, or is interested in golf.

Kindle Edition Available? No


Putting Out Of Your Mind, by Bob Rotella

Director of Sports Psychology at the University of Virgina for 20yrs, Dr. Bob Rotella is now a consultant to some of the world’s leading golf organisations, including the PGA (Professional Golf Association), as well as writing for Golf Digest.

Putting Out Of Your Mind is a well-written, easy to read book that, if you can get past the Americanisms, is a useful resource for the improving golfer.  More experienced golfers, as well as people who are more into practical action than thinking about their game, might find it a little repetitive in places.

Who Is It For? Improving golfers, anyone who is aware they are being held back by mental “blocks” in some aspects of their game, and anyone interested in sports psychology.

Kindle Edition Available? Yes

Golf Rules Illustrated, from R&A Championships Ltd

The Royal & Ancient was established in 2004, and is based in golfing’s spiritual home, St. Andrews, in Scotland. As well as being responsible for the administration of the Rules of Golf, on behalf of over 30million players from 138  countries, the R&A also organise several amateur golf events, including golfing’s oldest Major, the Open.

Golf Rules Illustrated includes rules updated in  January 2016, so is completely current; however, some rules are due to be changed in the near future, which may mean this book dates very quickly.  If you are looking for a good, basic overview of the rules of golf, and willing and able to update your knowledge through the internet, or coaches and club officials, this is an easy to read, coffee-table sized book, with plenty of real-world examples, and good quality illustrations.

Unfortunately, the Kindle edition is very poor, with every page having been scanned in as a graphic, meaning it is not possible to adjust the font size, etc, and can therefore be difficult to read on an


Who Is It For? People who’d like a quality, attractive reference book to have at home or in the clubhouse.

Kindle Edition Available? Yes, but very poor quality

501 Excuses For  A Bad Golf Shot, by Justin Exner

A humorous book that would make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift for the golf fanatic in your world, this little book contains every possible, usually humorous, excuse for why your shot was that bad.  Be aware, though, that there are no refunds offered if your excuses aren’t believed!

Who Is It For? A jokey gift for every golfer.

Kindle Edition Available? No.

Little Book Of Golf Tips, by Peter French

A ( very) short, simple book of golfing tips, this book would make an ideal small gift for someone just gettiing in to golfing.  More experienced golfers would find it trite and patronising, but, as a very basic introduction, perhaps for a young enthusiast who might be easily overwhelmed by more formal texts, this is a good option.

Who Is It For? A good small gift option for very new golfers, or younger players just coming to the sport.

Kindle Edition Available? No.