The Best Putting Machines

best putting machinesIf you’re into golf, or know someone who is, you’ll know that the secret to a good game lies in your ability to make a good, accurate putt, at just the right pace.

40% of all shots taken during a typical golf game are taken with a putter, so being able to handle yours accurately and effectively, and get your shot just right, could make all the difference.

For most people, getting out to the golf course every day to practise simply isn’t an option – there simply isn’t time. However, with a golf putter training aid, you can practise and improve your putt every day, at home or in the office.

What Does A Golf Putter Trainer Do?

Quite simply, a golf putter trainer enables you to practice your putt, and improve your aim and pace, without having to go down to the golf course regularly. Set up the putter training tool at home, and spend half an hour or so in the evening practicing, learning, and improving.

Top Three Putting Trainers For Golf


1: PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

This putt trainer uses parabolic curve design to simulate conditions on an actual golfing green, giving you the best practice and feedback on your putting, and really helping you improve.

The putter will outright reject a bad putt, and, with a good putt, will return the ball the same distance that its speed would have taken it past the hole if it had missed. This is fantastic in terms of feedback for the keen amateur golfer, as it helps you get your pace just right for the green, meaning that, in play, more of your shots will hit the hole.

Compact and lightweight, this putter trainer can be moved easily between the home and office, or taken on holiday, so you never have an excuse not to practice.


  • Excellent, clear feedback on good vs. bad putts, and pacing
  • No batteries required
  • Simulates real green conditions


  • None that we could find

Value For Money?

Excellent value for money, whether you’re buying for yourself or as a gift for a golfing friend or family member.


2. PGA Tour Pure Putt – Auto Putt & Putt Retriever

Using two AA batteries, this automatic putt practice tool and putt return comes complete with a real golf ball and a free PGA Tour training DVD, so you can practice your putting while you’re watching the best techniques from the pros.

A guide flag helps you set your aim, while the sturdy plastic putter unit, with its green felt grass design, is durable enough to be moved between your home and office, and to stand up to daily use.


  • Free DVD
  • Real golf ball included


  • No way to set return distance

Value For Money?

An affordable, full-feature option that is ideal to purchase for yourself or as a gift.


3. PGA Tour 6ft/1.8m Automatic Putter

With a free PGA Tour DVD showing you how the pros take their shots, and sand traps, water hazards, and incline all included on the putter, for the real-deal golfing experience, this automatic putt trainer promises a lot, and is priced accordingly.


  • Free DVD
  • Realistic course hazards


  • Noisy return mechanism
  • Smaller than expected
  • Mat doesn’t lie flat, which affects play

Value For Money?

An expensive option, with a few let downs.