Why Is Golf So Expensive?

Why Is Golf So ExpensiveAlthough golf is a favorite pastime of many people, it has gotten more and more expensive as the years have gone on for various reasons. The expense can be a huge reason why so many people are more hesitant to get into the game.

If you’re new to golf and you’re not sure about the expenses, we’re going to break down several common golf expenses you should be aware of before you begin to play.

6 Reasons Golf Expenses Can Add up Quickly

1. Golf Clubs

One of your main expenses when you start playing golf is your golf clubs. Now, if you’re buying a set of youth clubs for your kids, those typically aren’t that expensive. A youth golf club set can range from around £100 to around £150 for a decent set. However, an adult golf club set can easily run you over £400, and your golf bag can easily cost another £75 or so depending on the brand.

2. Accessories

We won’t go all out with higher tech accessories like rangefinders when you’re just starting out. You’ll need to buy a pair of golf shoes because walking around in the mud can destroy a normal pair of tennis shoes. Youth golf shoes can cost between £30 and £60, and adult golf shoes can cost between £70 to £200 per pair.

You’ll also want to buy a golf glove, and you can buy this starting at £10 and increasing in price. Your golf balls will typically cost you between £20 and £40 for lower-cost brands, a golf towel will cost between £10 to £20, and you can usually get golf tees free at several courses.

3. Clothing

If you’ve ever been to a golf course, you’ve most likely noticed that the majority of the golfers you see are dressed in a similar fashion. Assume you buy 10 to 15 shirts in a variety of colors and patterns. This can easily cost you £200 and up. Additionally, you’ll want enough shorts to go with your shirts so plan on spending another £300 easily. If you buy golf pants with v-cut hems, plan to spend another £200. Finally, if you have two or three pairs of golf shoes, you could spend between £100 to £300.

4. Lessons

Lessons for adults tend to be less expensive than lessons for youth golfers because adult lessons are individual and youth lessons are taught as classes. Traditionally, learn to golf classes can cost anywhere from £100 to £400 per series of classes. For individual adult lessons, you can expect to spend around £70. These prices will fluctuate depending on where you are in the country.

5. Tee Time

Once you’ve purchased your essential items and taken your golf lessons, you’ll have to pay for a tee time. If you’re just starting to play, or if you’re teaching your kid the game, look for a municipal course in your area. These courses tend to be more beginner-friendly, and they are an excellent learning platform. There is usually a cart fee as well, but we’ll add this to your tee time cost. On the low end with a golf cart, you can estimate you’ll spend between £30 and £50 for two people to play. If you play once a week, this adds up to a cost between £120 and £200 per month.

6. Membership Fees

When people really get into playing golf, they typically sign up to become a member of their local golf club. When you sign up for a golf club membership, the club may offer loyalty perks like discounted green fees, free golf cart rental, and discount days to golf during the week. A yearly membership will cost you, and this depends on the club and where you are in the country. However, you should expend to spend between £300 and £400 per month or £3,600 to £4,800 per year.

Total Cost: Between £4-6,000

It is important to note that this price is just an estimate and you could spend a lot less or more depending on where you live and how much you want to put into your equipment to start off. Golf does have a higher upfront cost, but the cost does seem to level out once you start playing and get your clubs and accessories. If you choose not to have a membership to a golf club, this can take a lot off of the final total as well.

All in all, golf can be a very expensive game, but a lot of the expenses you’ll incur come down to personal choice. If you want high-end or name brand items you’ll have to pay more to get them. Many golfers choose less expensive golf sets, and if they don’t golf every day, they only buy a few golf outfits because you don’t wear them in your day-to-day activities. Whether you spend a lot or a little, you’ll be learning a valuable skill and having fun while you’re doing it.